When it comes to selling your home the process can seem complex and overwhelming for homeowners. My goal is to make the process as easy as possible, while delivering the results you expect from your Realtor. Thinking about making that process easier and less stressful for homeowners I created the my home value report for homeowners.

By asking a few basic questions we make the process of selling or listing your home faster, easier, and consumer friendly. Typically the first questions we always ask when sell our homes is “How much is my home worth?” or “How fast can I sell my home?”. The home value report was created to help streamline this process and give you, the homeowner, access to tools to save time, and get the most comprehensive market report on your home.

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We all are very busy in our personal and professional lives. From work to grocery shopping, to running our children to activities we are all on the move. The single most important thing in our lives usually is time, we cannot replace it. When deciding to sell your home typically we do some online research, call a few Realtors, then meet with them to discuss our wants, needs, and expectations.

Homeowners typically meet with Realtors more than once to review where the Realtor feels your home’s market value is. The my Home Value process eliminates the need for multiple meetings by saving time putting the controls at the homeowners fingertips 24 hours a day 7 days a week.[/accordion_item][/accordion]After I receive your Home Value inquiry I get right to work gathering all the pieces of information about your home and about the local real estate market. Using this information I will compile the information in an easy to read comprehensive report that illustrates not only a range of what your homes current value is, but also how I intend on marketing your home to achieve your expectations.

Once the report is complete I will contact you directly to schedule a time that is convenient for you to review the information together, answer any questions you may have, and start the process of selling your home and meeting your expectations selling your home in the Fox Cities.